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Chicago Tribune


Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, is a fiscally conservative straight-shooter who consistently fights unbalanced budgets and unaccountable spending. She's also about as wonky on policy as you'll find. Ives is endorsed.


Daily Herald


Incumbent Republican Jeanne Ives, a former member of the Wheaton City Council who has served in the House since 2012, is both a fiscal and social conservative who doesn't hesitate to speak her mind and rattle cages -- sometimes on both sides of the aisle.

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Please read my press release calling for an investigation by Illinois Department of Revenue of assessment practices around the state.

Property Assessments in Disarray: Statewide School Funding Impacted Downstate, in Chicago and Suburban Cook
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About that 32% tax increase...if SB1 becomes law the money from the tax increase will get siphoned off to pay for the enormous debt CPS has accumulated. And then they will ask for more.

CPS Debt Reaches $1,600 per student
CPS owes $8.6 billion. That’s a 28 percent increase over the end of last year. That dwarfs CPS’ annual operating budget of $5.7 billion.
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