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Chicago Tribune


Rep. Jeanne Ives, R-Wheaton, is a fiscally conservative straight-shooter who consistently fights unbalanced budgets and unaccountable spending. She's also about as wonky on policy as you'll find. Ives is endorsed.

Daily Herald


Incumbent Republican Jeanne Ives, a former member of the Wheaton City Council who has served in the House since 2012, is both a fiscal and social conservative who doesn't hesitate to speak her mind and rattle cages -- sometimes on both sides of the aisle.

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Taxpayers have NO idea what is hidden in the contract. Teachers will get to look at it before approving, but taxpayers will remain clueless for more than likely, a couple of months. Taxpayers around the state are given the bill after someone else selected the menu choices. Far more so in this case where Chicago has an unelected school board. My bill, filed every year that I have been in office (4) would have required contract transparency for taxpayers. For four years all those good government Democrats blocked my bill in committee.

By the Way Suburban Taxpayers and Voters - you will pay for this contract too as the Democrat majorities in Springfield shift more state dollars to CPS.
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